Deep muscles of a vertebrae — the muscles allocated in close proximity with a spinal column, playing a dominant role in provision of the given stand of a spinal column and its driving.

Hernia of an intervertebral godet — a piece pulpoznogo the cores, allocated fractionally or completely  outside of a godet.

Kyphosis — a spinal column flexure in a side projection, converted by camber kzadi.

Lordosis — a spinal column flexure in a side projection, converted by camber kperedi.

Intervertebral godet — formation which one is between skew fields of vertebra is fibrous-hrjashchevoe. Fulfils buffer, fixating functions, ensures movability between adjacent  vertebra.

Intervertebral knuckles — knuckles between articulate appendixes of vertebra. Restrict the free slenderness of a vertebrae, making possible motions only in a direction set by layout of articulate surfaces. A reference complex of a spinal column are godets, knuckles, muscles, ligaments which one task is saving of anatomical and functional integrity of a vertebrae in an operate time on it of aggressive force.

Vertebrae osteochondrosis — dystrophic changes of an intervertebral godet and adjacent  to it of skew fields of vertebra.

Acantha — most close allocated to a flank surface of a skew field a vertebra part  (palpated along a line of a vertebrae of an ossicle). The Pozvonochno-impellent segment — two adjacent vertebra with bridging their godet, knuckles, muscles, ligaments and them innervatsionnoe provision. The correct posture is such layout of a skew field in room at fulfilment of specific activity at which one there is a minimum strain of the is muscular-ligamentary apparatus of a spinal column in comparison with diverse layout of a skew field at fulfilment of the same activity.

prolaps a godet — the complete or fractional drop-out of a piece pulpoznogo cores for godet limits through flaw in a fibrous ring (the herniation fact is meant).

Godet protrusion — a diverticulum knaruzhi a district of a fibrous ring.

Pulpoznoe core — the major device of an intervertebral godet. Occupies in it central position. Under the form resembles a convexo-convex lens. Safe pulpoznoe a core is very plastic, owing to what it is capable to a change in shape and intradisk-type relocation. Ministers a driving shaft between the interfacing vertebra, fulfils damper function at activity of forces of stretching and squeezing. Is a messenger in a fluid swap between skew fields of vertebra and a fibrous ring.

The sequester — here means a piece pulpoznogo cores. Formation of sequesters is connected to loss by a water core. Parching, it loses the uniform structure and decomposes to separate pieces — sequesters.

Fibrous ring — the relevant part of an intervertebral godet. Consists of the dense soedinitelno-WOVEN  fascicles intertangled in various directions. Environing pulpoznoe a core, preserves it from redundant uploshchenija. Being tacked to skew fields of adjacent vertebra, ruggedizes bond, uniting to their skew fields in the uniform functional whole.


All of us from a school bench are familiar with some common truths. For example: be engaged in physiotherapy exercises more. Track a posture of children. Since early years join sport. Eliminate physical overloads in a household activities, on production and so on. At all fidelity told in these statements there is no concreteness. Problems interesting any conceiving person: where, when and why — do not discover in them the answer.

So exists or not the "magic" rule, which one observance would allow to save healthy a vertebrae within long years or even all life? Before to answer this problem, the author would like to pay attention of the reader that voices only the point of view built on understanding of anatomical, biomechanic singularities of a vertebrae, psychology of the person and a personal experience.

Really, such rule exists. The knowledge of a "gold" rule and its usage at observance of two important requirements guesses saving of longevity of a vertebrae. It is meant it both anatomical integrity of a spinal column, and its safe operation in a regimen of standard and heightened exercise stresses.

Requirements the following: at first, than you were engaged, learn to listen every minute, every sec to the feels born by a characteristic skew field. And secondly, get used to embodiment of a "gold" rule.

The rule is that: IMMEDIATELY to GET rid OF the MAIDEN


Interchange a position. Commit light driving by the fatigued part of a skew field. Rise. Resemble. Rest lying or mount a corset if offensive feels in a vertebrae have occurbed by and by after it was possible to eliminate them. As these feels will soon continue, depends from physical trenirovannosti, a muscle tone, a state of a spinal column, correctness of a posture and specificity of occupation. But anyway, the rule remains to the same: immediately to get rid of the maiden occurbed offensive feels in a vertebrae.

When it ceases to help, it is necessary to think of necessity of severe treatment.

Working over book contents, it would not be desirable to see it in the form of the receiving tank of unproved and untold trues. It is necessary to hope that the gained knowledge will help all wishing to come the road to to what the author has come. Will allow to deduce "a gold" rule self-contained. Was possiblly, it will be more exact and wiser.

And now, having read this book, fulfil one more exercise:

Be pulled, having hoisted arms hill up and slightly having thrown back a head back. Then continuously sink arms downwards, contouring them a circle, as though embracing this major, perfect world.


The probability of disease in reply to careless motions during sexual intercourse should stir the person with a vertebrae pathology as it calls into question its family and manufacturing status. Frequent and durable abiding on the sick list, jar of sexual ratios in monogynopaedium… The Pavor before illness significantly saddens intimate life, up to a total failure from it. Same adversely affects organism operation as biological system, on mood and attitude as a whole. That is why the author considers necessary to clear up a case in point, touching only those moments, which one in its competence.

Assertion that a loin of a vertebrae more other departments are claimed by life, correctly here again. Therefore tendered references touch in the core of who has problems with a loin.

Sex in events with the expressed pain that is when any driving of a skew field and even a short fixed position cause is absolutely contraindicative or boost painful feels.

If the person with a back pain, whether it be the man or the woman, can discover a standing at which one the pain at least disappears for some time sexual ratios are quite possible. But only in a role of the passive associate. For example, for the woman the stand edgewise, on a belly, on all fours and so on can be such standing. For the man with a problematic back when rather vigorous motions respond a pain in the field of lumbosacral passage, a dorsal decubitus, and its partners in a stand of "horsewoman" — the most reasonable alternative of sexual contact.

On stihanii severe pains other positions admitting higher loads on a loin of a vertebrae are possible also. But all the same it is better to wait process stabilising. Retention of back pains or in the field of lumbosacral passage during sexual intercourse should minister the restraining moment for implication of too major initiative.

After process concerning a godet hernia sexual contacts in a role of the passive associate are possible later two weeks from the date of process. In the capacity of the active participant: for the woman — in 3 weeks, for the man — in 1,5 months from the moment of operative treatment. But it only under condition of standard flow of a postoperative continuance. Are strictly forbidden during the stand half a year, different by a high voltage of a loin of a vertebrae.

And more: usage of a "gold" rule during intimate connections will help you to discover the most friend alternative of sexual contact and, hence, to avoid proof magnification of back pains.

Do not long: having transited indispensable course of treatment and working further by those rules which one we have tendered you in just read book, you again will return to standard life. The pain will retreat; the posture will be unbent; ease of movements will be returned. And more many long years you can remain bipedal orthograde beings — such with what the Most High God for love, pleasures, disturbances, passions, for physical proximity, at last has created all of us.


The best sport for a vertebrae — floating. Unlike other sports, occupations in water ensure a minimum load on the osteoarticular apparatus of the person. Therefore floating is most reasonable to at whom, owing to expression of dystrophic processes in a vertebrae, land types of physical agings lead to fast appearance of pains. However floating by style "breaststroke" with convulsively vysunutoj from water a head leads to overvoltage of cervical department of a vertebrae.

Besides, intense occupations by a breaststroke, specially at green hands, can boost an inverse sag of a spinal column. The natural standing of a vertebrae is ensured only at floating by a crawl and on a back. Besides, it is impossible to be supercooled.

Separately we will be shut down on occupations by walking. Walking for short spacing intervals — one of methods of keeping up of a blanket tonus. The regular occupations by it in intense enough tempo are a good type of physical activity. For development of hardiness of muscles to loads walking is not less effective, than jogging, the velocipede, floating or other sports. And on travmatichnosti it is much more secure than run as does not guess retention of so-called unsupported stages.

What means? During run the moments when both legs are not abutted with land are foregone. Running as though "stews" fractions of a second in air. After an unsupported standing the runner lands on one leg which one pression on a leg at average rate of driving approximately in 3 times exceeds weight of a skew field. It, in turn, leads to pathological changes in the is ligamentary-articulate apparatus of legs and a vertebrae. According to probes, — led in the USA in 1978, of walking were fond the majority of adult Americans — 22 %. By this time the digit, was interquartile, has increased. However it is necessary to mean that the indispensable requirement defining desirable effect from occupations by walking, observance is during walking of the correct posture.


It is very good that many of us discover a time for physical enhancement. One are engaged to drop excess weight, others wish to have the good sports form. Third want to be saved of dorsodynias.

and can the person having dorsodynias, to visit gyms? Certainly, existing you have problems with a vertebrae do not demand such victim, as termination of any sports occupations once and for all. On the other hand, it is not necessary to revaluate a role of physical activity for vertebrae health, and all organism. We will try to discover that golden mean which one will allow both healthy and sick as far as possible to lead the active conduct of life.

In our submission sport and physiotherapy exercises — methods of improving of a level of health, and at the majority of people to them traditionally kind ratio was added. But the last years there was also other point of view concerning in the core sport. It appears that sportsmen, specially professionals, not the most healthy people. Along with others they have also locomotorium diseases, and their rasping forms. Are not always useful and harmless physiotherapy exercises and "sport for itself", that is house sport. It is necessary to know, what even the physiotherapy exercises are an exercise stress, and sometimes very significant. It is irregular, if the engaging is abirritated by a word "medical". During physical agings or any activity in a household activities or on production to a power load are subject not only muscles engaging, but also the osteoarticular apparatus, ligaments. Aggressiveness of force actions on these structures is in inverse relationship from a level of involvement of the muscular apparatus in committed activity. Differently, the more actively muscles, the a smaller load test on themselves godets, knuckles and spinal column ligaments. And on the contrary, fulfilment of any activity in a regimen of fatigue of the muscular apparatus shows increased requirements to its other reference structures. Retention of one or several departure from normal in a vertebrae constitution leads to faster fatigue of muscles at fulfilment of activity and, hence, to a prompt spitting-out of "kilogrammes" them on a spinal column. That is why, selecting a sport or a complex of exercises of physiotherapy exercises, was relevant to remember predominant purpose of any occupations — constant and reasonable training of a muscular corset of a vertebrae. It will help to avoid the most various unexpectedness: From a light dorsodynia to serious traumas, as the strong, well trained muscles — the best guarantor of health of a spinal column.

The vertebrae as a uniform system of functions is in a constant control with aggressive force of the environment, seeking to destroy this system, to part it on separate components-vertebras. Besides, it is necessary to remember that intervertebral godets damaged in the course of human life, knuckles of a vertebrae and, in many respects, ligament are not recovered, because they do not contain or practically do not contain veins. From here and their title — "braditrofnye tissues", that is badly eating.

We will be converted to historical help. For today two embodiments considerably different from each other on the technician and philosophy of crop of physical training are known. It is east, more ancient, advocating a statics, that is positions. And western, plotted on kinetics — driving.

In maiden solicitous attitude to the reference apparatus of the person clearly is viewed. Engaging it is avaricious on motions. Its attention is centred on the inwardness. The person strenghtens muscles, without weighting those reference elements which one abrade. For the sake of which one, naturally, also muscular hardiness trains. For this reason such occupations have no age limiting. It is impossible to fail in wisdom to east crop which has discovered "the gold" midpoint between the prohibition on motions and necessity of driving. Motions are present only at such level that "the muscular pompe" worked, helping heart to force through a blood on tanks. Even in come to us from time immemorial bojtsovskih arts it is possible to see solicitous attitude to reference system of the fighter. The western fashion of physical enhancement, vice-versa, is generous on a motor performance and force exercises without severe motives on that. But it is known: The more vigorous force movements, the more difficultly to an organism to save standard space interrelations between the separate anatomical devices entering in a locomotorium. Hence, working over solidifying of the muscular corset in the active propulsion and force regimen, the person risks to damage those structures in an organism which one are in great need in a support from muscles. A similar support at such agings of a muscle often cannot ensure. An example that is ministered by injuries, sometimes rasping, a locomotorium during sports occupations. Thus, it is necessary to dispel illusions about absolute usefulness for a vertebrae of the physical activity let even appearing as "medical".

The author would tell that the western fashion of physical training is closer to show business, rather than to the health industry. Because the attention of the person during occupations is routed not on a characteristic skew field and internal feels, and, for example, on a football or a tennis globule.

The mobile types of sports agings, under condition of injury rate exclusion, are most reasonable to physical development of children. Children with major desire play sports and more have no those violations in a vertebrae which one adults had time to acquire.

Certainly, and adults take pleasure in sports occupations. Engaging test both emotional rise, and feel of physical vivacity. Was relevant only not to forget that the age together with worldly wisdom brings, alas, and solid malaises. Feeble places in an organism occur or bared. It touches also a vertebrae: godets and knuckles wear out. As consequence, their fixating function decays. Excessive movability leads to absolutely waste overvoltage not quite healthy structures. In this connection we should assimilate two rules. Maiden: never to go in for sports in a state of muscular fatique. Second: to eliminate any physical agings in a peaking of disease of a vertebrae.

Now we will be returned to a problem on occupations in gyms and "by sport for themselves". Not a secret that these occupations make higher demands to the reference apparatus, than physiotherapy exercises. For people with unexercised muscles similar occupations while are premature. It is better to begin with physiotherapy exercises to acquire indispensable muscular protection for more active agings.

It is necessary to be careful in a select and to the trained people having this or that departure from normal in a constitution of a spinal column, whether it be the expressed changes connected to an osteochondrosis, or any abnormality of evolution. For them it is possible to pick up vigorous enough types of agings, but with the obligatory count of singularities of an organism. Occupations in gyms and the mobile sports are absolutely contraindicative to those who has also a feeble muscular corset, and a departure from normal in a vertebrae constitution, the probability of appearance or pain magnification in a spinal column differently is high. If your vertebrae plaid pranks earlier before visitation of gyms be advised with the doctor vertebrologom or the orthopedist.

Thus, try to store the following.

Occupations in gyms and sport demand much of a locomotorium of the person.

Lack of muscular protection of a vertebrae increases hazard of cultivation of intervertebral godets and knuckles.

Intervertebral godets and knuckles demand to themselves solicitous attitude as pathological changes occurbing in them are nonreversible.

At people with a feeble muscular corset or any deflection in a constitution of a vertebrae of occupation in gyms can lead to a spinal column aggravation of symptoms.


We already spoke about the fixed positions and their aftereffects. Remember, than they are dangerous? In the deep muscles of a vertebrae durably maintaining the same position, the residual spastic stricture is shaped. That is the proof strain of muscles which are not disappearing even in a level attitude of the person. It is very bad. Because there are requirements for development of dystrophic processes in godets. That is why was relevant to be engaged in protective treatment of a residual spastic stricture of deep muscles. For this purpose we tender you a foolproof gym complex. It will be specially useful to what transactions is connected to the durable abiding in a standing sitting. Accomplishment of exercises 2-3 times within each hour of abiding in the fixed position will significantly reduce hazard of forming of a proof muscular spastic stricture. All exercises can be fulfilled from a starting position sitting on a chair.

Maximum tilt a head forward, having got a chin a chest. Make 2-3 times. Having tilted a head forward, turn it to the right, and then to the left. Iterate on 2 times in each side. Displace a head back, simultaneously holding down to a chest a chin.

Suppose arms on hips, bring together and dilute blades. Fulfil 3-4 times.

Cross the legs, an elbow of an inverse arm lean about a hip outer surface. Give an arm forward, against the stop twisting a vertebrae. Make in that and other side, changing a leg, on 2-3 times.

Deliver legs on breadth of shoulders, lean arms about knees. Tilt the body as it is possible further forward, dropping it between hips. Help motions of a trunk an effort of arms. Iterate 2-3 times.

Complex accomplishment in quiet tempo will occupy at you no more than minute. Therefore to iterate it some more time within each hour was possiblly even to the most occupied person. If to start with an estimate of the "lost" time, each of us knows, how much is minute of its transactions. But who can answer, at least approximately, how much is its health?


Be assured: having forgotten about a pain, you again recall beauty, sport and love — about the things which fully have been forgotten partially by you during a peaking of a malaise. Yes that this such, really, — beauty? We speak: at it a martial bearing. We speak: it does not go, and sails. We speak: at them delightful to become. In all three events we mean same — the correct posture. People instinctively and on a private experience since the old days perceived its relevance. Nonrandomly as beautiful we perceive the correct posture.

Meaning of the correct posture for a vertebrae health to revaluate difficultly. The posture is a position, a skew field standing in room: we lie or we sit, we stand or we go, we go in for sports or we cook food. What is the correct position and than it differs from the irregular?

The author would make following determination. The correct posture or a position — such layout of a skew field in room at fulfilment of specific activity at which one there is a minimum strain of the is muscular-ligamentary apparatus of a spinal column in comparison with diverse layout of a skew field at fulfilment of the same activity.

Exclusion is earlier mentioned antalgicheskaja, or analgetic, the position when an organism, trying to diminish pression by neurovascular formation or a striked godet, "scorns" a health of all vertebrae. But this stand on a certain instant can be estimated as correct.

Advantage of the correct posture consists in rather hypodispersion of a load on a spinal column. And on the contrary, at an irregular posture the load on various departments of a vertebrae is arranged nonuniformly. It can lead to premature cultivation of its reference elements.

Certainly, we should not imply the correct position only prjamohozhdenie or prjamosidenie, that is a standing when all functional flexures of a spinal column are saved. Homework or transactions on production guess sometimes absolutely inverse. And to fulfil any activity, without having bent, it is primely impossible. Rather uniformly to arrange an aggressive load on all spinal column, it is necessary to discover a leg for a trunk top hamper. For example, to lean an arm against a knee or any close allocated subject. In this case we have the right to say about optimum for fulfilment of the yielded activity to a posture, even despite of that during a declination has happened uploshchenie a lumbar lordosis. Or we will introduce the woman sitting at knitting or sewing. It holds down a back and a head endways. But arms are in a hover, that is elbows have no leg. Here we cannot speak about the correct posture. Because it not the most expedient alternative for cervical and verhnegrudnogo vertebrae departments. In such standing harmony in-process a muscular corset as muscles of the upper half of skew field are exuberantly loaded is upset.

In summary once again we will underline that observance of the correct posture — the safest and not cost intensive method of protection of a vertebrae from illnesses. Strife for the correct posture is necessary for beginning as soon as possible. Muscle tone correctly formed since childhood guesses physical and mental skills on keeping up throughout the subsequent life of the correct posture. And it largely will anticipate development of illnesses of a vertebrae.

So, straighten arms! Rectify a back! Gather in a belly! So much more cheerfully and easier to go on our hard life.

Cervical department

All early postoperative continuance included maiden 5-8 days after process, sick should be in a level attitude, lying on a back, with the uplifted bed-head. A head and a neck fix from both sides pustules with sand. The medical gymnastics in this continuance is routed on the warning of complications from an internal (a hypostatic pneumonia, an atonia of an intestine, clottages), improving of a peripheric circulation and muscle tone rising.

Following exercises are used: About Serial abbreviation of muscles of legs and a trunk within 2-3 secs with the subsequent their deep relaxing. It is forbidden to strain neck and shoulder girdle muscles. Exercise is routed on peripheric circulation improving.

The active motions by legs without uplifting of stacks over sand bed — "walking lying in a bed". Exercise is routed on the thrombogenesis warning in the lower extremities.

Breathing exercises: a deep inspiration and a durating expiration through the labiums added by a tubule, not more often 2-3 times a minute; during a deep inspiration maximum to gather in a belly, to delay air for 2-3 secs, a slow deep expiration with the subsequent complete relaxing of muscles of a belly; a pronunciation of consonants. Breathing exercises contribute in lung ventilation improving, enlarge movability of an orifice, refine othozhdenie sputums).

Maximum to gather in a belly, to retain 2-3 secs, moderately to evaginate a belly on the same time, to be relaxed. Exercise contributes in protective treatment of atonic appearances in an intestine. For the fifth-seventh day after process for the purpose of preparation of the patient for recalculation in a verticality the physiotherapy exercises are led in an at-rest position lying on a back, polusidja on a bed or a chair.

Before to translate the patient in a semi-sitting position, to it mount a collar of Shantsa. The above described exercises, only with a great number of repetitions are fulfilled. Exercises for the upper extremities in the form of movements in small and large knuckles are assigned. Roundabouts by shoulders are led with the arms pressed to a trunk. Is contraindicative to hoist arms above a horizontal plane because of hazard of offset of a graft. Isometric abbreviations of muscles of a neck and a shoulder girdle are permitted.

For the tenth day after process are possible driving of legs from a dorsal decubitus with their serial uplifting from a bed. To this time the patient is authorised to be roamed within separation.

In two-three weeks after an operative measure the gym complex can be dilated the exercises featured above on resistance in a dorsal decubitus. At their accomplishment to track that there were no movements in cervical department of a vertebrae.

The strain of muscles of a neck and shoulder girdle should not cause a pain. Further exercises on resistance can be fulfilled in a standing sitting, but it is obligatory in a collar of Shantsa.

Usually in four months from the date of process after clinical survey it is authorised to be released from a fixativing collar gradually.

For the purpose of the vertebrae gadget to more close conditions after collar removal the gym complex is fulfilled within several days only in a prone position. Careful motions by a head in the sides at first in a level attitude, and then and in erect, and also an ebb ducking forward and become more narrow possible back. Gradually the bulk of movements in cervical department is enlarged in process of a vertebrae stability improvement to loads.

The chapter the eleventh

Thoracal department

Right after an operative measure of the patient lay down on the functional bed. In the maiden 5-7 days after process the physiotherapy exercises are routed on protective treatment of possible complications from an internal. The breathing gymnastics together with obshcherazvivajushchimi exercises for medial and small muscular bunches which one the patient fulfils is used lying on a back.

From the maiden days of a postoperative continuance it is authorised to be turned over on a belly, but to fulfil gymnastics in this standing it is recommended from 4-5th day. Significant are contraindicative sgibatelno-razgibatelnye driving of a trunk because of hazard of offset of an osteal graft.

Since the second week after process abbreviations for 3-5 secs of muscles of a prelum abdominale and a back with the subsequent their deep relaxing turn on. Are permitted "walking lying in a bed", light burdenings for the legs, the dosed resistance. There are possible exercises in an at-rest position being on all fours.

After three weeks after a surgical operation it is authorised to patient to rise in an orthopedic corset of the Leningrad type, passing a standing sitting on a bed. The gym complex extends exercises in an at-rest position standing with a support of arms about a backrest of the bed dosed by walking. In due course physical exercises with gym subjects, with burdening and resistance are used. Approximately in 6 8 months a corset take out. From now on the medical gymnastics is routed on solidifying of muscles of the trunk which were under the fixer, and magnification of movability of a vertebrae.


The physiotherapy exercises in the maiden 10 days after process are brought together, primarily, to the exercises increasing a blanket muscle tone. These are abbreviations within 2-3 secs in a prone position of muscles of extremities and trunks with their subsequent complete relaxing and strictly dosed walking.

After the lapse of 14 days from the date of an operative measure application of exercises of 1st and 2nd steps featured in section LFK at a lumbar osteochondrosis is admitted. Exercises of 3rd and 4th steps should not be fulfilled on stretch of 2-3 weeks. As to these periods most actively there are processes of the gadget of a vertebrae to new requirements.